LED Beacons

LED Rotating Beacons

Our LED rotating beacons Widely applied to the scope of many emergency vehicles, Such as  DOT, construction, utility operations and fire trucks.Screws ,Magnet ,Single bolt and DINA versions are available to meet the various application demands. ECER65 /R10 approved LED rotating beacons include a reflector for superior brightness .

Customerized flash patterns including rotating patterns .Top cover and LED colors are available in red,blue,amber and white.All of them are waterproof .

Featured  LED rotating beacons

ECER65 R10 approved LED rotating beacons include reflector

Road safety emergency led warning flares with magnet base   ,Widely applied to trucks,school buses, heavy duty & roadside service vehicles,forklifts,cranes,towing, security,construction,mining and every emergency warning applications






1. The beacon only can be powered by DC 12V voltage,  do not use other power supply to avoid any damage.

2. Please keep the beacon clean to make good transparence of the light efficiency.

3. Strongly acidic materials (such as intense acid, strong nitric acid, etc.) is strictly prohibited to contact to prevent damage to the product.