LED Lightbars

Cover the top of police cars or trucks

ultra-bright 1w or 3W LED

full size light bars   40” to 60” in length

They are powerful, versatile, and 100% waterproof

How to change the flash pattern of LED lightbar ?

By cigar plug , it is very easy way , one button is on/off, the other one is button to change flash pattern

By Control box . Our full size lightbars include Built-in amber traffic advisor with directional patterns ,Takedown & Alley lights, steady burn or flash , you choose left arrow , right arrow directly by press the button .


different size : the size from 40″ to 60″ ,even can be longer

Dual color LED lightbars  : Amber /blue  dual color , Red/blue  etc . can change the color directly by press one button

Sevral  optic  : Tir,  LINEAR ,new  optic